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Jimmy Helms made you “An offer you can’t refuse”


A passionate performer. Creative. Exploring ….Eternally curious.


A talented songwriter, revealing himself in music.

A truth seeker. Simple words. Richness of music tinged with the colors of his life.

Reflections. The Prism of his soul.

A genius musician. His notes strung together…or scattered…scatting over 4 octaves as emotion dictates the sound…as sound shapes emotion.

The complete artist, writing books in parallel with his music career.


The gospel influence of his childhood, his first emotions.

At times….Brilliant trumpeter, captivating soul man,

Londonbeat’s charismatic leader, punchy, charming, enigmatic…


In a career of more than 50 years, he continues to delight and surprise audiences from east to west, occupying the scene…filling venues…filling hearts.



And now ?...

Preparing a new live show, he will do precisely what we did not expect.

An explosive “mix of genres” that suits like a second skin, fruit of many influences.

A soul-deep sensitivity… his perpetual desire to share what he feels… seasoned with some of his greatest hits…Reinvented.

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